Friday, June 11, 2010

Amsterdam, Relax or Not...

Amsterdam is the first stop on our upcoming romantic vacation to Europe. Warren and I visited this awesome city back in 2004 on a whim. He came home one day in June with a map and said that he wanted to go to Amsterdam for our July long weekend.

This wasn't like him back then, so what was I to say but OK!!! Lets see what we can do.

First the airfare, we found a cheap last minute charter flight with perfect times to maximize our trip there, then a hotel right in Dam Square. The famous, NG Krasnapolsky Hotel Amsterdam and when we got there got upgraded to a room with an awesome view of Dam Square.

So 2 weeks after Warren came home with a guide book and the map, we were off on an adventure.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paris, The City of Lights.

Warren and I are taking a romantic vacation to Europe this summer. Things have been really busy around here and to be honest I haven't done a lot of planning for this trip.

We have booked Amsterdam, Nice in the south of France and Paris. I have been to all three places before and Warren has too, except for Paris.

Warren hasn't had much desire to go to Paris, I convinced him to go as we were going to be in France anyway. I am really excited to experience Paris with Warren. It is a city of romance after all!

Inspiration to plan Paris was required, as I didn't seem to have any. Through my search I found this video. Inspiration found!

If you have any suggestions of what we should do while in Paris, we would love to hear what you would recommend - please comment below.

Enjoy this video and let it inspire you to make Paris, France a Romantic Vacation Idea sometime soon!

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