Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Tweet - What are your Travel Phobias ?

I posted a tweet this morning that went like this:

"What are your travel phobias? Here are the top 5 #travel"

It was related to an article that I came across on MSN Travel.

It says that the top 5 travel phobias are these:
  1. Fear of flying.
  2. Fear of Being away from home, family and work.
  3. Fear of illness.
  4. Fear of a bad flight (they actually call it an annoyance instead of a fear).
  5. Fear of losing your luggage.
It made me think what my travel phobias are...hmmm... These seemed a little tame.
The one I am most worried about is someone putting something in my bag and I get arrested in a foreign country (like the movie Brokedown Palace). Apparently I am not the only one.
These are some of the great responses I got:
From @LiteratiLisa
"Bed bugs, getting mugged, getting stranded in a foreign country, having drugs thrown in my suitcase (brokedown palace)" - just like me!
From @travel_x_4
"mine is waking up with a bad back!"
From @Jeff_Johnson
"My top travel phobia is getting hit on the "oversized bags" charge for my golf clubs - airline baggage charges have to go!"
From @newenglandgirl
"My travel phobia is forgetting to pack underwear after having to buy granny panties in a remote Vermont drug store once. :-)"
What are your travel phobias? Comment below - I would love to hear them. Remember the first step is to admit you have the fear!
Overall whatever your travel fears are, I hope they aren't stopping you from traveling!


JoAnna said...

When we were in training for the Peace Corps in DC, as a group we had to list everything that everyone was afraid of. The list went on for miles: homesickness, spiders, being lonely, etc., etc. I had only one fear to add to the list: having no choice but to use unsafe public transportation. As we went through the list of fears, the person leading the group had good ways to cope with all of these not-so-legitimate fears. Then she got to my fear. It was the only one on the entire list that she said was a true, legitimate fear. *Sigh*

To this day, I still get a little panicky when I have to hop in a taxi or bus or whatnot overseas. I would rather walk than trust the untrustworthy vehicles I've come upon in many parts of the world.

Wendy said...

I hate to admit it but my travel phobias are many. The sad thing is im a travel agent! Ive had the taxi ride from hell in Montreal, the lost luggage in Minneapolis/St.Paul in the winter...I was coming from SC and had shorts and a tee on so I was forced to go to one of the shops and buy a $50 sweat shirt....I know...dumb move on my part traveling in shorts to Minnesota in the winter! But id have to say my biggest phobia is sitting next to someone on a plane holding a barf bag in front of them. UGH I truly am a kind and compassionate person but im so outta my seat when that happens!