Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Skylofts - Staying in Wonderland....

And another world it was. The elevator lobby has a tranquil water flowing feel to it. The plaques on the wall as you walk into the floor lobby are displayed proudly. The AAA 5 Diamond and Mobil 5 stars don't seem to cut it. Maybe we can lobby for a special 6th Diamond and Star?

The ambience was set perfectly, relaxing and chic, low lighting and two lovely concierges’s sitting behind an elegantly appointed desk, without a stitch of paper cluttering it.

We were escorted down what seemed like a hallway that would go on forever and ever and could see 2 people with warm smiles waiting beside a doorway. Oh wait they are waiting for us at our Skyloft #73 our home for the next couple of days.

After introductions to our butlers – yes butlersssss – we were taken in to “check in” on the dining room table. The Concierge – Mary- took care of the paperwork quickly, while our butler, Christine, offered us some of the Sky Loft signature juice.

Once the “check in” was complete, Mary excused herself and Christine did the grand tour of the Loft. Starting with the 900 channels and free pay per view, it took her 10 minutes to show us how to use the Bang and Olufson system. The entire loft was hooked up to the console, from the TV to the drapes, to the lights (can set them to any lighting, including mood lighting).

Through the 2 story floor to ceiling windows, we had an incredible view of New York, New York and the Mansion and of course the Monte Carlo and the City Center. The MGM Grand sign stood proud, right outside our window 30 floors up.

At this point I started to furiously text Andy and Michelle so they would come and check it out. We so wanted them to come and enjoy the experience too!

Next the delightful Christine took us upstairs to the bedroom with the upper part of the view and into the most incredible bathroom I have ever seen in all my years of travelling.

It has a spa ambience, with 2 TVs, one in the mirror with the controls on the wall, and one over the Infinity Tub. If you don’t know what an infinity tub is, that’s ok; I haven’t seen one like this before either. Oh and I can’t forget the steam room shower.

The bathroom was such a luxury; Christine had to show us how to use almost everything in it. The infinity tub is really a tub within a tub, the inside tub overflows into the outside tub. Then when it is full in continually runs over, then you can hit a button and the lights change colour, providing light therapy. Ahhhhh….. (I made sure I enjoyed it one night while watching a movie!)

The shower, well it really is more than a shower, it is a steam room as well. There are 2 “rain” shower heads, and faucets on the wall that shoot water out. There is a bench and it is large enough to fit at least 6 people comfortably.

And then of course the toiletries, which are Bulgari, and the scent is beautiful! So much so we asked for extras to take home!

Here is the video I did showing you the Skylofts:

After the grand tour and educational session, Christine mentioned that the Butler service came with an unpacking and packing service. It felt strange, but I decided to take her up on it. My goodness am I ever glad I did.

After quite a while it seemed, I went up to see how she was doing, our clothes had never looked so organized! I asked if she would come home with me but she said I would have to take her 2 kids too… It was almost worth it!

We asked the concierge to book us a cabana at the pool. The Wet Republic had just opened, so we had to choose between the regular pool and the Wet Republic (their “party” pool). I asked if the people were young and she said she was at the opening the day before and there were a lot of girls dressed in postage stamps and dental floss. Thank goodness she mentioned that – as it made our minds up – regular pool it is then.

Stay tuned for my last but not least post about our Vegas trip :-)

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6 in the shower comfortably, 8 if you want to have a really good time...... :-)