Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 2 in Vegas - Brunch and the Qua Baths & Spa

After a late night, we slept in a little and met Michelle and Andy for brunch at Cafe Lago. Michelle had booked a massage at the relatively new Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace.

I decided to go and check it out with her as I had heard great things about it. And what better way to spend an afternoon then pampering yourself in the spa especially after all that walking the day before?

The guys decided to play a little, and Warren had to meet our client who was flying in from LA to join us for the Elton John Show tonight.

I have to say that the Qua Baths and Spa have got to be one of the best spas I have been to in Las Vegas. The staff were attentive and helpful, and the baths were beautiful and luxurious.

You could start with a good workout in the full fitness center with weight training and aerobic equipment, (not that I worked out as I was too tired - I know silly huh?) and end with a soak in the Roman Baths.

From the time you walk in, you feel relaxed and taken care of. Luxury everywhere. From the smooth stone floor, to the dark woods and the water flowing. The Tea Sommelier that offers tea to match your needs. Their signature iced tea is fantastic!

We were escorted from the check in desk and taken on a tour through the baths to the change room. They have various temperatures and sizes of baths and saunas and recommended that you alternate between hot and cold seven times. The Arctic room (complete with snow falling from the ceiling - soap actually but it looked cool - pun intended) felt really good after the awesome herbal steam room.

The spa is set up to provide a social experience. You can experience the baths and sauna's with your girlfriends and then enjoy a chat and a cup of tea in the tea room - the only place with a clock and where you meet your "Artisan" (aka-therapist) for any treatments you have booked.

Michelle had never experienced a spa like this and was in heaven. I didn't think she would leave that day if we didn't have early dinner reservations!

Michelle couldn't get over how it was only $45 to go into the spa for the day. Note: if you are a Diamond Member you can use the baths for $20 less - so that is about $25.

I spent a couple of hours there, after I felt like a bowl of Jello, I left Michelle to her massage and her soaks and went to get ready for dinner at Rao's with our friends and client, then off to Elton John.....More on that in the next post!

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