Friday, June 11, 2010

Amsterdam, Relax or Not...

Amsterdam is the first stop on our upcoming romantic vacation to Europe. Warren and I visited this awesome city back in 2004 on a whim. He came home one day in June with a map and said that he wanted to go to Amsterdam for our July long weekend.

This wasn't like him back then, so what was I to say but OK!!! Lets see what we can do.

First the airfare, we found a cheap last minute charter flight with perfect times to maximize our trip there, then a hotel right in Dam Square. The famous, NG Krasnapolsky Hotel Amsterdam and when we got there got upgraded to a room with an awesome view of Dam Square.

So 2 weeks after Warren came home with a guide book and the map, we were off on an adventure.

We had an amazing weekend, ignoring our jet lag and exploring. We only had 5 days and it rained everyday we were there. So much so we had to buy raincoats so we could go out and enjoy the city.

We loved every minute of our time in Amsterdam, we saw the main sites, shopped in the markets, toured around the Red Light District, visited the casino and enjoyed the celebrations. To our great surprise, the Netherlands were celebrating their take over of the EU governorship. They had a huge concert in Dam Square right out our window!

This time we will make it a little more relaxed I think. We are taking 5 days there, so we will wander around, take a canal tour, hope for warmer weather.

Here are some of the highlights of Amsterdam.

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