Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo of the Week - Monks at the Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok

While in Bangkok, we toured the Grand Palace with a private guide. It was an amazing experience for us, as she is a Buddhist and really wanted to share her beliefs with us. We made offerings and enjoyed the temples, the Reclining Buddha and watching the school kids enjoy their day trip to their Grand Palace.

We enjoyed taking photos, and admiring the beauty of the palace and the temples. There are over one thousand Buddha images, including the famous Reclining Buddha.

While resting and enjoying the temple, we were privileged to experience the Monks come into the temple and start their meditations. It was peaceful and a highlight of our trip to Bangkok.

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villa in pollensa said...

Hongkong is famous for its culture and the temples...The people in reddish dress are the guys who have great belief in God...the pic here is the right choice to become the photo of the day....