Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thai Airlines new A380-800

Thai Airlines is the next airline to purchase the new Airbus 380 aircraft. This video shows beautiful this aircraft will be.

Royal First Class and Royal Silk Class will be located on the top level.

Royal First Class ares of the plane will include lie flat seats with 23 inch screens, a larger bathroom with a dressing area, a multi purposes area and a First Class Bar area. The in flight connectivity will include: mobile phones, SMS messaging and WiFi/Internet.

The Royal Silk Class Cabin (aka business class) will include smaller seats than first class, noise cancelling headphones, lie flat seating, a 15 inch screen and the same in flight connectivity. It will also have a bar area, and larger bathroom.

Economy Class Cabin will have 4 zones and 435 seats and take up the bottom level. It will have larger washrooms and a newly design Recaro economy class seat with 18 inch with 32 inch pitch.

Check it out for yourself here:

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