Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Efficient Way to Board an Aircraft?

Could it be true? Is there a way to board an aircraft without the usual bumping, grinding and fighting for space in the overhead bins and the aisles?

According the the new TV show "This vs That" there is. It is called the "Steffen Method" and makes sense to me! Steffen is a scientist who was tired of the chore of boarding an airplane created a computer model that looks like it would work. "This vs That" tried it out!

Essentially it follows a diagram of boarding as follows:

  1. Start with families and people with special needs boarding first
  2. Fill every other row, starting from the back, with window passengers entering first, then middle seaters, then the aisle seaters.
Check out this video to see how the test went! 

As you can see it was quite successful! It took half the time the normal boarding takes! Now how can we get the airlines to adopt this method....and to be honest the passengers too. I don't think that people travelling together will want to board separately, but hey stranger things have happened!

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