Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earth Hour A Success!

Earth Hour took place this past weekend around the world. I think it is incredible when you can take a concept and a statement and enroll a big chunk of the world in it - including Las Vegas the city of Lights.

As I am sure you know we are big Vegas fans and were stunned when we saw how the strip took part (it's the last photo of this link)


Make sure you check out Toronto too - Our hometown! We had a 15% decrease on the Grid that night - I was so proud. But I know we can do better next year!

Congratulations world! I can't wait to see after a whole year how many more will participate.
Thanks to Joanna Haugen for bringing this web page to my attentiong through twitter @joanna_haugen and her site is http://joannahaugen.com/home/91/the-latest


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