Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer is Here! - Hazelmail will help us stay in touch!

Montana is getting ready for camp, our house sitter has been booked, and we are almost ready for our romantic Southeast Asia trip. It's hard to believe it is here!

With Montana being at camp, the only way we can communicate with her is through fax or letters. We usually set up a fax to email service so she can fax us whereever we are. This works great as we get to hear from her and her adventures while we are away.

This year we are also going to send her a postcards showing our travels. I hate buying and writing out postcards while traveling. I never know which one to choose and to be honest I think it is a waste of money as it really doesn't show what we are up to on our travels.

Recently I found Hazelmail. It is an awesome service where you upload a photo you took while on vacation and can mail it to your loved one. They do all the work - all you do is upload the photo, add your message and address and hit mail. They also have a prepaid option and an IPod App that makes it really easy to send the postcards.

I tested it out with a photo from our trip to Australia last year. It is addressed to our dog Gracie :-)

This is how it looked (sorry the photos ended up a little fuzzy):

I am looking forward to sending her postcards from our upcoming trip from Hazelmail.

Have you tried it? Will you? If you do please tell me how you like it!

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