Thursday, February 26, 2009

Las Vegas - This is the time to go!

In February, Warren and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas. It was a last minute decision and a good one at that. We got to get away from the snow, and because things are slow in Vegas we had some great opportunities!

We stayed at the MGM Hotel and Casino for the first time this weekend. Warren likes to play there but we haven't stayed there before. We missed our connecting flight through San Francisco due to weather in Toronto and didn't arrive in Vegas until after midnight. Our ride wasn't there and we were worried that we wouldn't get the room we were promised.

When we arrived at the MGM, we checked in quickly and went to our suite. So you know when you watch movies that are set in Vegas and the characters are staying in suites - well we ended up in one. We were in a Terrace suite, overlooking New York Now York and the strip. It had a beautiful 700 square foot balcony with a jacuzzi and lounge chairs.
Here is the video I did to show you how great it was.

To be honest, it was amazing staying in this suite. However, it is time for them to be updated. You will see in the video some tiles coming off around the tub.

Regardless it was great!

We didn't have many troubles making reservations at any of our favorite restaurants. Saturday night was busy with bachelor and bachelorette parties. But that was is. Taxi lines weren't too bad (which is how we judge how busy vegas is).

I didn't have to wait long to get on a poker table. Oh and by the way, MGM is now my favorite poker room. They have daily 11 am tournaments for $65 and the dealers were great! Their room is comfortable and I spent alot of time there!

The lions of course are fun to watch - get there for 11 am to see them come into their area. You usually get to see them more active then.

We ate at 'wichcraft - one of my favorite sandwich places and Wolfgang Puck - who were awesome as we had less than an hour to eat - we had tickets for Craig Ferguson - who by the way, was the best stand up comic I have seen in years!

The hotel was easy to get around - the pools looked lovely - hard to see for sure as most were closed.

Overall we enjoyed the MGM Grand and will stay there again.

We are always looking for new restaurants to try in Vegas - please share your favorite here.

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