Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Favorites Wrap Up

For Friday's Favorite Wrap Up - I thought I would do a humorous theme, It was April Fools Day this week after all. I came across some great webpages this week that gave me a chuckle, or an all out laugh. Some I found on twitter, others through the net.

As always they are all related to Travel.

Expedia - Flights to Mars from only $99! - Expires 4/1/09

Travel Pod - 10 most mispronounced places. - The first one cracked me up when it came out as a travel destination. - 20 Ridiculous Complaints

Then of course the Hotelicopter

If you get this by email and don't see the video - make sure you see it - it is worth the look!
Did you hear of any cool travel related April Fools Day jokes? add them to the comments below...


Authentic Seacoast Company said...

Great stuff, Melanie! Love the travel pod piece. Very funny.

Melanie Fine said...

Yes It made me laugh too! I remember as a young travel agent (many moons ago) we used to "mispronounce" it on purpose and laugh - shows how mature we were - lol - ahh the innocence of youth!