Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Picture of the Week - Train to Kuranda, Queensland

This week's picture was taken on The Kuranda Scenic Railway to Kuranda in North Queensland, Australia.

We weren't sure if this day out would be too "touristy", but Warren is a train fan so we decided to check it out. The train station is about 25km north of Cairns, Queensland. We drove there from Port Douglas.

We splurged on the "first class" cabin on the Kuranda Scenic Railway and traveled up the mountain to the quiet town of Kuranda. A former "alternative lifestyle" village, Kuranda is now a town filled with markets and shops to browse through. We actually bought our didgeridoo up here and had lunch in a local pub.

We then took the cable car back down the mountain. You could stop and do a short rain forest walk (we skipped it as we were tired) and change cable cars. We really enjoyed the cable cars and the train. It was a great day out, although there were a lot of souvenir shops etc. We just avoided the "Touristy" parts of the day...

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