Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Picture of the Week - Streets of Amsterdam

Today's picture was inspired by an online Twitter friend who is on her way to Amsterdam this week.
This weeks picture is from a last minute romantic get away Warren and I took to Amsterdam, almost 5 years ago. Wow I find it hard to believe it was 5 years ago!

We LOVED Amsterdam and keep trying to get back there. It rained hard everyday and that made it all that more romantic. We had to huddle under umbrellas and try to keep warm. :-)

We booked this trip last minute and only stayed about 4 days. We loved walking together through the streets and alleyways. Then coming back to our room and watching the rain while eating the incredible pastries or chips with mayonnaise (a local favorite) that we picked up on our way back.

We toured the Ann Frank House, and the Van Gogh Museum. And of course we visited the casino. That was a prosperous visit as Warren won quite a bit of money!

When we arrived we were unaware that the Netherlands took over the governing of the European Union while we were there. There were parties and celebrations everywhere!

When we got a little tired of the city, we took a train out to Harlaam. We wandered through the market and had lunch in a little cafe where no one spoke English. Warren ended up with ham and cheese and actually liked it (He doesn't like pork products normally).

We even considered retiring here one day. We could imagine how lovely our retirement would be, living in a small cottage enjoying the Dutch countryside.

Who knows maybe one day....

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