Friday, April 3, 2009

What About a Different Type of Family Vacation this Year?

Do you take a family vacation each year? What do you usually do?

Go to the beach?
Rent a cottage?
Go to Florida?

What about something a little different. Take a Family Learning Vacation?

Take a vacation where you all learn a skill like scuba diving or skiing?

What about a vacation where your kids will learn about a new culture – maybe a culture they learned in school?

Do your kids love dinosaurs? Take them on a dig for fossils in the American badlands or Alberta Canada.

Whatever you choose it can be a very rewarding experience for you and your kids. Imagine the family bonding as you learn about something together?

I know…I can hear your kids now – I don’t want to learn! I want to have fun! I learn at school why would I want to do it on vacation? This is why it is important to keep the following points in mind while planning your learning vacation.
  1. Make sure you plan a balance between fun and learning – remember you are on vacation – it should be fun!
  2. Make sure the whole family is interested in the activities, destinations and experiences.
  3. Before you go, show the kids where they are going. This will get them excited about the holiday. Rent movies or read books about the destination or experience.
  4. Take your kids on a sample activity before you go to make sure everyone will enjoy it. For example go to the museum or take a sample scuba diving class.
  5. Keep your expectations in check – not all kids will love what you plan – so don’t get your hopes up or expect your kids to love it, you may be disappointed.
  6. Learning may come from simple places, like interacting with locals, or eating local food.
  7. Look to experts for advice or ideas – look for tour operators that offer these types of holidays for inspiration or to organize your vacation.
  8. Be creative or do it yourself, look for learning opportunities everywhere. Who knows what your kids can learn, even on a drive to Grandma’s house. Are there places you can stop so your kids have the chance to learn?
Make your next vacation something a little different. Do some research, see what is out there.

If a learning vacation doesn’t fit with your plans, what about a themed vacation – Are you kids big fans of Harry Potter or Twilight? What about a movie location tour.

For more inspiration on a different type of vacation with your family - check out Themed Vacations for Kids.

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Jessie Voigts said...

GREAT idea - thanks so much for the helpful hints!